Top Toys of the Season

It’s the time of the season when the comedown of the spooky sugar rush of Halloween commences and stores start pushing holiday catalogs for the months to come. Here at Ububba, we can’t help but think about a headstart on the holidays, too. Here are several of our picks for great toys to gift your little ones for the upcoming holidays!

Wooden Toys… 

Wooden toys are a popular choice, as we mentioned before in our Montessori post, and with great reason! These aesthetically pleasing toys double as mentally stimulating tools that aim to develop alongside your little ones in grasping the various concepts that are a must for their growth and development!

Surgeon Set — $49.99

Get ready to play patient with this neat surgeon playset set with everything your little one will need to become the top surgeon of the household: an apron displaying the internal organs, wooden surgical tools, and a pouch to keep everything bundled together! This set gives your curious learner insight into the human body and stimulates fine motor skills, as well as promotes imaginative role play as they familiarise themselves with surgical procedures and nurturing empathy and sympathy.

Groceries Set and Scanner — $49.99

After playing patient, get your shopping bags ready for groceries as your little one takes on the role of grocery clerk with this cute wooden set of groceries set with barcode stickers and a scanner that makes the grocery shopping, as well as the counting and language development, all the more immersive.

Construction Set — $24.95

Your little one will have endless playtime with these 5 Construction vehicles. This set includes a lifting crane, scoop, roller, digger and tip-up truck and two traffic cones. All vehicles have functioning parts that will encourage kids to role play and interact with friends and family.

Animal Set — $25.00

Let your little one’s wild side out with this adorable nature play set that comes with wooden creatures and scenery perfect for creating imaginative wildlife adventures all while stimulating your child with the natural environment in mind.

Lacing Sheep — Wooden Stacking Rings — $24.99

This adorable take on the classic stacking rings is a fluffy little sheep containing five different “wooly” disks that your little one can lace together by putting the pieces together in sequential order based on color matching. Children develop sorting and stacking skills while allowing them to have fun making their own unique sheep.

Mini Golf Set — $37.00

This mini golf set is a hole-in-one for your sports star. Including a pair of golf clubs and wooden balls, as well as tracks and a hole, this set is ideal for indoor or outdoor play that can be taken anywhere with a bag to store all the items. This is a perfect gift to enjoy with the family and teach children vital lessons in cooperation, sharing, and patience.

Learning + Crafting… 

Both parents and children alike can appreciate these next few toys and gifting options as they make learning and development fun and interesting.

Montessori Number and Fishing Learning Puzzle — $22.40

This learning puzzle is a unique toy to gift your little one during the holidays. By initiating their own learning through play, this puzzle includes a fishing rod and colorful magnetized fish that let your little one learn about  numbers, sequencing, and counting in a fun way.

Unicorn Fairy Magic Water Color-In Cards — $14.99

Here’s a fuss-free coloring option that’s easy for cleaning up and traveling. It’s simple – just fill the pen with water and have your little one color in the picture cards to reveal all the vibrant colors and designs until the water dries out and the color fades for reusable pages. Supplied in a strong reusable carry case.

Jungle First Puzzle and Storage Tub — $12.99

These four jungle critter puzzles come in a storage tub that makes them easy to tote around for busy play on-the-go. developing hand-eye coordination and concentration. This set even comes prepared with a “to & from” gift tag making it a perfect present for toddlers.

Arts and Crafts Kit — $39.99

Here’s something for your favorite up-and-coming artist! From pipe cleaners to wooden pieces to fuzzy pom poms, beads, and more. This colorful arts and crafts kit is packed with over 1,000 bits and pieces of all sorts to spark your little one’s  creativity and imagination.

Dolls + Stuffed Animals… 

Sometimes all your little one really needs is a fluffy companion for never-ending play and cuddles.

Rose-Scented Heirloom Doll — $32.00

Subtly rose-scented and rose-toned from head-to-toe! This lovely doll is embroidered and designed with detail and elegance in mind. This is a lovely gift for the little ones you know who live for the color pink and love dolls.

Cookie-Scented Doll — $32.00

Here’s another sweetly-scented doll, but this time in a oh so yummy cookie scent! With its sweet smell and lovely dress, this doll is a beautiful addition to your little one’s nursery or room.

Faith French Bunny — $29.99

Here’s a fluffy cuddling companion that’s as soft as it looks. Made with plush novel fabric and featuring floral details inspired by French prints, this bunny was crafted to be a long-lasting plush companion to gift your little one.

… and an Honorable Mention!

Kids Pop-Up Play Tent — $32.99

This circus-themed play tent is the perfect addition to your little one’s endless playtime adventures. The possibilities are endless and this tent can be used for a chill reading and drawing getaway space or the zone where all the fun goes down. This hassle-free tent can be set up both indoors and outdoors, and has a storage bag so that you can take the fun everywhere your family goes.

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