The Wooden Toy Wave

Snoop around any baby-related blog or social media profile and you’ll notice that it’s Montessori mania wherever you go. We’ve even taken note of their popularity and easy on the eye appeal that lets these toys double as home decor. There’s something about these wooden toys (maybe the scientific backing, maybe the aesthetically-pleasing look to them, or maybe a mix of both) that have both parents and babies so intrigued.

If you’re unfamiliar with the hype, the Montessori method emphasizes five aspects in which parents should aim to develop alongside their child:

  1. Sensorial life
  2. Practical life
  3. Language
  4. Mathematics
  5. Culture

Okay, so there’s a jumble of terminology, but the overall concept is pretty straightforward and easy to get a hang of.

The utilization of multiple senses to accomplish a task, in this case: to extend their curiosity through the exploration of playtime, will allow children to learn more from such experiences as well as retain more information through developing and enhancing memory.

TLDR: The Montessori method emphasizes interactive playing and interaction scenarios which benefit babies and toddlers both educationally and socially! Pretty cool stuff, huh?

Altogether these elements work towards the development of critical life skills: language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and the likes. Here are an assortment of wooden toys that fit the bill for a Montessori lifestyle: 

Montessori Numbers & Fishing Learning Puzzle; $32.00 

It’s all in the title… “Montessori”, “Numbers”, “Learning” this toy covers it all and in pretty pastel shades, too! This toy’s intention is to improve hand/eye coordination through a unique fishing concept that makes learning how to count fun. 

Cash Till Register; $34.95

Cash out on this cute register that lets children practice practical life as they learn the fundamentals of social interactions and language development in various scenarios such as grocery shopping or dining outdoors (still sounds a bit weird, huh?) which is a potential au pair with…

Assorted Fruit & Vegetables; $29.99

… this fruit and veggie set! Kids can channel their inner Barefoot Contessa as this set even lets you slice the produce as it comes with a matching wooden cutting board and knife.

Animal Set; $25.00

Delve into cottagecore with this little animal set that encourages open-ended playtime. {Open-ended toys, toys which can be played in multiple and varied ways, encourage* imaginative and creative play and are an opportunity for children to develop critical life skills.} Your young animal lover will be encouraged to use creativity and imagination when playing with this eco-friendly pretend playset.

Lacing Sheep; $24.99 

Let kids count sheep sans the dreaded sleepy time. This lacing sheep is a fun alternative to typical ring stacking toys as it requires children to interlace each fluff ring into a sequential order through color matching and sorting.

Tambourine; $20.99 

STEM needn’t be the only thing to focus on. Instruments like this cool wooden tambourine let the creative juices flow as your children emulate their inner rockstar. You can get the whole band in on it too, as the brand BabyNoise offers a bunch of other wooden instruments for babies to choose from (and we carry them all!).

Mini Golf; $37.00 

Your little birdie can get a glimpse of the putting green with this mini golf set. Two putters are included, so a friend or a parent can tee up, too!

Safari Puzzle; $27.99 

There’s nothing like the classics. Here’s a spin on the usual wooden puzzles with unique illustrations of safari animals courtesy of Wee Gallery.

By including wooden toys like the ones featured above, it’ll help towards integrating routine as the variety in toy rotation and activities help to normalize practical life to your children during the early stages of their life. Don’t forget to make time for playtime!

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