Best Baby Products for Each Season According to Moms

Seasons change, but the intuitive spidey senses of mothers around the world do not. Leave it to mom to know exactly what’s needed at any time possible to make their baby’s life a breeze and at ease. Just a little scrolling below and you can find Ububba’s eight picks for the best baby products for each and every season according to moms.

#1. Mountain Denim Backpack — $35.99

Whether it be a diaper bag or a baby’s personal toy and snack carryall, a backpack is a mom’s best friend. It’s the easy and cute answer to a diaper bag that won’t just last throughout each season, but throughout each year with a timeless and smart silhouette for every parent.

#2. Avocado Lunch Bag — $19.99

Snacks and bottles of milk are without a doubt essentials for raising a healthy growing baby. There’s no questioning the effectiveness of a waterproof insulated lunch bag to keep busy moms prepared for any hangry baby mood that may arise. This whimsical avocado print is a bright option for moms who are always on-the-go.

#3. Burnt Orange Top Knot Headband — $12.99

This pretty auburn ribbed headband is a must-have accessory that could be used for special occasions, like birthdays, holidays, and christenings, or for everyday playwear. Made specifically for newborns ages 0-12 months old, this pre-tied bow headband is super soft and fuss-free no matter the occasion.

#4. Bowl Set — $29.99

These sage green and matcha hue bowls are perfect for eating either at home, out, or for food storage. They pass mom’s approval as they’re made out of silicone – making it shatterproof, have anti-slip bases, and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Long-lasting and pretty in pastel!

P.S. We also have a set of these in beige and coral if you’re more of warm-toned enthusiast.

#5. Pacifier Clip — $15.99

This stylish and dainty little pacifier clip is a multitasker that’ll be a must-have baby product as their teeth develop. It provides teething relief with the soft food grade silicone design, which also doubles as a binky holder and triples as a chic accessory for moms and babies to tote around everywhere they go.

#6. Mini Apple Farm Crinkle Book — $13.99

The OG mukbang ASMR equivalent for babies sans smartphones, crinkle books encourages tummy time, motor development, and sensory stimulation. In short, it’s soothing, interesting, and fun for babies… just like the niche ASMR videos all over YouTube (if you’re a fan). This Mini Apple Farm one in particular contains little activities for your little ones to learn and entertain themselves with on each page.

#7. Little Moon Night Light — $19.99

Don’t forget to say “Goodnight, Moon!” with this lovely little moon-shaped night light. It’s made out of eco-friendly materials, is battery-operated with a timer option for hassle-free bedtimes, and emits a soft glow that will be sure to soothe your baby to sleep all year-round.

#8. Muslin Swaddle Blanket in Sundown

Perhaps the prettiest swaddle blanket that we’ve ever laid our eyes on. It’s no secret that a swaddle blanket is a necessity no matter the weather or month, a soft blanket offers the beauty of warmth and comfort. This Brixton Phoenix blankie in the Sundown print offers all that plus a pretty auburn hue. It’s unisex and is made out of breathable 100% cotton – making it a perfect gifting idea, receiving blanket, stylish swaddling, and more!~

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