Must-Have Baby Products for New Moms

No matter where you look, there’s shiny new toys calling out to moms-to-be who are all more than eager to welcome their babies into the world with a pretty thing or two. Still, caring for babies goes a step beyond that, calling for products that are made to last through the journey that is motherhood. Here are eight must-haves for new moms that are as adorable as they are useful!

#1. Alpremio Nursing Seat Positioner Pillow — $37.99

Our self-hailed game-changer, the Alpremio pillow is a must-have when inducting yourself or other moms-to-be into the realm of nursing. Its structured silhouette will make feeding and burping time easier on both you and your baby, whereas other nursing pillows on the market may make it harder on both of your postures during and after the feeding process.

#2. Sand Rainbow Muslin swaddle Blanket — $20.00

It’s essential to keep your pea in their pod by swaddling them up for a good night’s sleep. This blankie ensures just that – wrapped up in a trendy yet timeless pastel rainbow look. Muslin cloth should be a new mom’s go-to to ensure that a newborn’s sensitive skin is getting the gentle softness it deserves.

#3. Grey Elephant Baby Bath Wrap — $32.99

Post-bubble bath bliss lies wrapped within this adorable elephant bath towel. Its fluffiness is brought to you by cotton velour terry with a little tail to match.

#4. Embroidered Stroller Liner — $39.99

Strollers will take you and your baby everywhere, literally and figuratively speaking, so it’s a must that it’s as comfy as can be for your baby. This cute dinosaur-patterned liner will provide just the comfort you seek, making it a unique soon-to-be must-have for new moms.

#5. Modal Waffle Blanket in Cream — $39.99

Stay snuggly as the seasons change with this 100% cotton blanket perfect for nap time, on-the-go layering, etc. A cozy blanket is without a doubt an essential for new moms and even newer babies.

Bonus: Colors galore! This makes for easy gifting, and you’ll have options to present for various special occasions.

#6. Quilted Basket — $25.99

This soft, pillow-like basket is an unsung essential for mothers, fathers, and parents of all kinds. This simple basket can take new mothers and the likes from the nursery, to the kitchen, to the park, and beyond. Consider it the Jane Birkin basket equivalent for babies – multipurpose and as pretty as can be! The basket itself can even be used as the base of any gift as pictured above.

#7.  Silicone Freezer Toy — $15.99

Ice ice ice your baby’s sore gums with this freezer-friendly teether that doubles as a modern accessory and even more modern toy to keep them entertained and soothed.

#8.Self-Feeding Cushion — $30.99

Keep your baby bunnies well and fed with this self-feeding cushion. Light and portable, this cushion makes for the ideal pillow to use for a hands-free bottle feeding session. This design was made 110% with babies in mind: a detachable rounded pillow to prevent flat-head syndrome, crinkle noises on the sides for entertainment, a mesh pocket to ensure that bottles of all sizes don’t slip, and adjustability for ultimate comfort. Put yourself at ease with a pillow that has you covered. Bunny ears included.

Zzz… This could be your baby!

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