Five Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

As the holiday season draws near, now is the perfect opportunity to set aside some time – and some supplies – to make some lasting memories with your little one. Whether you’re stuck in on a snow day or looking for some fun party ideas your child can enjoy with family and friends, it never hurts to have a few Christmas craft ideas for kids up your sleeve. To help you get started, here are some of our favorite kids’ Christmas crafts to celebrate the season.

Make an Edible Puzzle

Much like choosing the right toys for your child’s age, certain activities can be scaled in terms of difficulty to offer the right amount of challenge and enjoyment. This kids’ Christmas craft idea is the perfect example, and can be made harder or easier depending on your little one’s age and interest level. Here’s how it’s done: 

  1. Using a large, flat sheet pan, bake a rectangle of a sturdy cookie like gingerbread or sugar cookies
  2. With whatever decorating supplies you choose (frosting, sprinkles, candies, etc.), create a design that covers the full breadth of the rectangular surface. For added detail, this Christmas craft idea for kids is the perfect chance to break out those icing pens you’ve been dying to try.
  3. Carefully using a paring knife, cookie cutters, or a combination of the two, divide your cookie sheet into interesting shapes of roughly the same size. 
  4. Separate the pieces of your edible kids’ Christmas craft and mix them up. 
  5. Reassemble as a puzzle… then enjoy eating the fruits of your labor!

(For kids aged 4-8, you can find more year-round crafts for eating in the Edible Crafts Kids’ Cookbook.)

Cotton Ball Snowman Cards

Whatever your climate, the weather is always right to build a snowman from cotton balls. The result is adorable, and this Christmas craft idea for kids is suitable for even the tiniest hands and the shortest attention spans. Here’s what you’ll need to create this kids’ Christmas craft: 

  • Cardstock (the sturdier the better) 
  • White cotton balls
  • Glue 
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper in multiple colors 

Here are the steps:

  1. Begin by folding the cardstock to form the shape of a greeting card. 
  2. Next, unfold the cardstock and lay it flat. 
  3. Use the glue to draw the shape of a snowman on the cover. 
  4. Gently press the cotton balls onto the glue. 
  5. Cut shapes from the construction paper to “accessorize” your snowman. For example, you might cut an orange carrot for the nose, little black dots for the eyes, a green scarf, and so forth. How involved your little one gets in this part of the kids’ Christmas craft will depend on their age and dexterity, but even the littlest kids can enjoy working with the cotton balls and weighing in on design. 
  6. Allow the glue to dry, then refold the card and write a holiday message on the inside for someone special. 

One-of-a-Kind Snow Globe

For this kids’ Christmas craft, you’ll get off to the right start by having the outer shell of the snow globe ready to go. These can be found at a number of arts and craft stores or online. Of course, the real magic is what’s on the inside. For the best version of this Christmas craft idea for kids, go on a walk with your little one, either around the house or outside, and find items to include in your unique snow globe. You can also plan the items in advance and create a treasure hunt to discover the pieces of the snow globe. Finally, unscrew the bottom of the globe and add your pieces (note: everything should be waterproof) along with water and glitter for your own special kids’ Christmas craft.

Button Snowflake Ornament

This beloved Christmas craft idea for kids isn’t just fun to make; it also yields a lovely keepsake that you and your family can cherish for years to come. Here are the kids’ Christmas craft materials you’ll need: 

  • White buttons (a variety of styles is best)
  • Popsicle sticks (four total, plus some spares just in case)
  • Glue 
  • A piece of ribbon or string

Here are the steps: 

  1. Lay out four popsicle sticks on top of each other in the shape of a snowflake, then glue them to one another at the center point. 
  2. One by one, glue the white buttons to the popsicle sticks, covering them completely. 
  3. While it’s possible to decorate only one side, this kids’ Christmas craft works best when both sides of the snowflake are decorated. Allow plenty of time for your handiwork to dry, then flip the snowflake over and gently repeat the process on the reverse side. 
  4. Once the popsicle sticks are completely covered in buttons and the glue has dried, form a simple loop with your ribbon or string, then glue it to the end of one of the popsicle sticks. 

Voilà! Your Christmas craft idea for kids has become a beautiful, totally unique tree ornament. 

Gingerbread Spaceship 

We’re all familiar with the age-old favorite of building a gingerbread house around the holidays. But for creative tykes, this popular kids’ Christmas craft can be updated to include a number of architectural variants. (If you’re looking for gingerbread inspiration, these masterpieces from The Great British Bake Off are sure to spark some ideas.) Simply follow the same steps you would to create a gingerbread house, then change the shape and take the craft to the next level with fun ideas like the following: 

  • A gingerbread rocket ship
  • A gingerbread family portrait
  • A school, museum, or other building made of gingerbread
  • A gingerbread pet (and pet house!) 
  • A gingerbread playground

Celebrate the Season with Ububba

At Ububba, we love curating kids’ Christmas crafts, toys, puzzles, and activities that bring families together. We invite you to explore our full selection of holiday gifts, special occasion outfits, and so much more to make this season more memorable than ever. And of course, don’t forget to follow our blog for the latest Christmas craft ideas for kids, holiday tips, and creative ideas to share with your family!

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