Ububba Baby Cardigan Sweater Knit Set

Instagram-Worthy Fashion for Kids and Babies

There’s something naturally in-the-moment about kids’ fashion. Not only do children swiftly grow out of clothes, but they’re also trying on new personalities, ideas, and moods from one day to the next. This sense of whimsy and experimentation is key to some of the most fashionable baby clothes, from playful accessories to adorable shoes and everything in between. To give you a little bit of inspiration (and to help keep your little one’s presence on your Instagram en pointe), here are a few of our favorite share-worthy kid’s fashion trends of the moment.

Adorable child wearing fashionable baby clothes helps bake with flour in a kitchen

Layers Layers Layers

We’ve touched on this subject before, but with autumn and winter sneaking up on us, now is the perfect time to reiterate our love of layers. Cute outerwear pieces – like denim jackets, quilted coats, and fleece vests – are essential kids’ fashion to have on hand as the weather starts to shift, and they’re also the perfect way to add texture to an outfit and elevate the overall look.

Less Is More… 

When it comes to the most Instagrammable fashionable baby clothes, few categories can compete with onesies and rompers. The one-piece configuration not only looks oh-so-sweet in photos but also makes getting your little one dressed a breeze and is easy to accessorize. This season, we’re loving kids’ fashion trends like puffed sleeves, ruched detailing, and asymmetrical designs. (Hot tip: for those who consider the onesie to be babyish, impress your history buff friends by tagging your baby’s next Instagram pic with a shout-out to Sir Winston Churchill, inventor of the onesie.) 

…and More Is More

Multi-piece clothing sets are dominating the sphere of fashionable baby clothes at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. Tiny jackets, hats, bloomers, tops, and leggings aren’t just adorable as a set, they’re also perfect for mixing and matching. With so many combinations from which to choose, kids’ fashion sets offer endless options (and endless photo ops). We’re partial to earthy neutrals that go with everything – and that help your tot layer up or layer down as the weather changes.

Ububba Baby Cardigan Sweater Knit Set

K-Baby Flair

One of the best and most current directions in kids’ fashion right now is the K-baby trend. Stylishly blocky cuts, gender-neutral patterns and prints, and fashionable baby clothes that are both detail-oriented and laid-back offer the perfect blend of form and function. One of our favorite things about this trend is the way that signature colors have the power to transcend seasons – meaning that your little one will grow out their clothes long before the clothes go out of style.

Street Chic Kids’ Fashion

Going hand-in-hand with the K-baby trend, one of the most beloved children’s clothing trends this season is streetwear. Slouchy pants, solid and graphic sweatshirts, and knit beanies are just a few of our favorite fashionable baby clothes of the moment. And with the right filter, your kid’s paint-smeared play pants and beat-up sneaks just got elevated to high-level streetwear. 

Endless Summer

As any parent knows, babies don’t follow the rules. One of those rules, thankfully, is no white after Labor Day. Well beyond spring and summer and into fall and winter, white clothing is trending hard in kids’ fashion. From onesies and tees to dresses and overalls, this color is best served by washable fabrics (like we source from our favorite brands). For the perfect Instagram scape, pair white clothing with a busy backdrop, like a garden, playground, or out for a walk. 

Ububba Long Sleeve Soft and Comfortable Viva Onesie and Hat Set Worn by Smiling Toddler Next to Basket

From Top Picks to Top Pics

At Ububba, we love staying ahead of the curve on international kids’ fashion. We also love helping parents find clothes that are both lovable and livable. Of course, the best fashionable baby clothes aren’t just cool; they’re also easy to wear, wash, and incorporate into your daily life. We’re excited to offer a broad range of baby clothes and kids’ fashion, as well as toys and home accessories, that perfectly match your lifestyle. Shop our full collection – and be sure to follow us on Instagram – for the latest looks and inspiration!

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