Easy Peasy Halloween Costumes for Your Little Ones

Get into the spirit of the Halloween season with these easy costume ideas that can be made with pieces already in your little one’s closet! No need to worry about last minute costumes, our team here at Ububba has brainstormed a few costumes that are as easy as pumpkin pie to piece together.

#1. Teddy Bear

Your baby is just as fluffy as one, so why not fully embody it on Halloween? All that’s needed is a simple beanie with ears and a cozy little outfit that’ll keep them warm all night long. The best part is that there’s no gimmicks when it comes to these sets of ears. This cute yet simple bear beanie will be easy to keep on wearing throughout the cooler seasons.

Bear Ear Hat — $15.99

#2. Cat

An oldie but always a go-to goodie! A pair of cat ears, a set of whiskers, and a little tail should do the trick. Whether you opt for an all-black outfit or a more colorful Halloween outfit, a classic cat costume is fuss-free.

Cat Onesie — $24.49

#3. Dino Explorer

No need for a time machine, your little one can look just the part for prehistoric creature adventures with these vintage wash baseball caps that feature your child’s favorite dinos. Pair it with some cargos or khakis, a pair of binoculars, and some exploring gear for the ultimate explorer look.

Kids T-Rex Embroidered Baseball Cap — $19.99

#4. Cookie Monster

Emulate everyone’s favorite cookie fiend from Sesame Street with an all blue outfit, highlighting this cozy electric blue pullover. Your little one’s going to love the must-have accessory of cookies to complete the look!

Kids Oversized Raglan Sweatshirt — $29.99

#5. Student

Play it smart with this preppy costume idea that’ll be a breeze to put together. Think smart pieces such as sweater vests, trousers, button-up shirts, and structured outerwear. Make it even more fun with accessories such as suspenders, a little ascot or tie, and a backpack that doubles as a carryall for every treat that comes their way.

Kids Plaid Pants — $22.99

#6. Burglar

Let your little one steal every trick-or-treater’s heart (and most definitely their candy) with a playful little burglar costume. Let them be the bandit by pairing it with a beanie and simplistic matching sets and sneakers for a ridiculously cozy and effortless outfit great for all fall and winter long. Use an old pillowcase or makeshift knapsack for carrying the essentials (candy, duh) and those in cooler parts of the world can even go the extra mile with some little gloves to complete the look.

Kids Stripe Sweatshirt with Side Slit — $29.99

#7. Painter

Bring out your baby’s inner artist with the classic take on painter’s garb. These denim jumpsuits are the perfect mixture of cute, cool, and comfortable. Look no further than a darling beret, some boots, and a paintbrush and palette for a simple yet unique costume idea.

Kids Button Front Denim Jumpsuit

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