Trending Now: Sweatshirt Rompers

As the season of summer begins its descent into cool mornings and cooler evenings, keeping your little ones nice and snug will be the next thing to focus on. This is why a good sweatshirt romper (or two, or three…) is a trend on the rise for babies and toddlers who will love the movability of a cozy sweater, where parents will love the snap closures for easy dressing and quick changing!

Here are four sweatshirt rompers that would make a lovely addition to your little one’s wardrobe:

#1. Baby “Always Smile” Sweatshirt Onesie — $27.99

A sweatshirt with a smile! This cute onesie features a happy face on the front and a sweet eye-catching phrase on the back, making for a perfect daily wear sweater for at-home play or errand outings with mom or dad.

#2. Baby Rainbow Sweatshirt Onesie — $29.99

Show off your baby’s true colors with this neutral-toned onesie with a rainbow detail embroidered onto the front. The beige and tan color options are favorable for fall for a cool autumnal outfit.

#3. Baby Sweater Side Button Onesie — $37.99

Nothing is as reminiscent of fall trends than the everlasting knit sweater. Now your little one can have one, too! This classic bodes for endless wear throughout the fall and the side buttons add a darling little umph to the sweater. We want one in our size!

Here’s an adorable outfit idea: pair the side button onesie with a matching bonnet (any hat, beanie, or head accessory will do) and ankle socks for a lovely fall outfit perfect for any photo ops to ring in the changing of the seasons.

#4. Baby Raglan Sweatshirt Onesie — $27.99

Keep it simple with this raglan sweatshirt onesie that pairs shoulder button detailing and little pockets for a super cozy and versatile piece. Thanks to the snap closures, it’s easy to layer over leggings, button-up shirts, and tees.

Take notes from the photo above! Pairing this simple sweatshirt romper with a patterned vest and matching socks and a hat make for one of the cutest outfits ever.

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