Best Toys for Every Stage of Your Baby’s Development

The concept of playing is essential to developing your baby’s growth through creativity, interaction, and imagination. Beyond the frills and super cute designs of all the toys out in the world, it’s important to give your baby toys that are suitable for them as they blossom into who they are. Continue downwards to see some of the toys we’ve handpicked for your baby to have alongside them every step of the way.

#1. For the Firsts

First Stacking Ring — $14.99

Stacking rings are a classic toy and with good reason. It provides straightforward entertainment to baby’s by introducing hand-eye coordination, patterns, and colors at the earlier stages. This stacking ring is given an updated look with more subtly colored wooden rings and the ability to stack from either side for frustration-free playtime, as well as a wooden ball that both encloses the stacking rings as well as is an additional toy to play with.

#2. Party Animal

Musical Forest Trio — $24.99

Introduce musical exploration with this animal-inspired wooden instrument set that’s great for blooming babies who love to pique their curiosity with amusing toys such as this one. The llama, bear, and hedgehog figures feature rattles and clackers, and even a guiro along the spine of the hedgehog for multiple ways to spark a whole band of sounds, while developing motor skills and cause-and-effect learning.

#3. Music Aficionado

Concertina — $29.99

One step further from the previously mentioned musical forest trio is this cute instrument for your little one to have a hand at playing. This accordion-like toy is designed to spark your baby’s interest in music by playing various sounds and pitches by squeezing the toy together. Kids can experiment and create their own tunes for their own mini at-home concert performance.

#4. Artist in the Making

Makeup Set — $29.99

Inspire pretend play and imagination with this wooden makeup set that lets your kids take on the role of a makeup artist! It even comes with an apron and towel for the full experience of getting dolled up by your mini beauty apprentice.

#5. Walking the Walk

Dancing Alligator Pull-Along Toy — $24.99

Here’s an adorable little companion for your child to tow around with them as they crawl and/or walk around the home! This alligator pull-along toy is designed to make click-clack sounds as they make their way around the living room when being pushed or pulled by its cord.

#6. Up for the Challenge

Punch and Drop — $39.99

As your child becomes more familiar with cause-and-effect play, as well as hand-to-eye coordination, a toy such as this one is perfect to match their developmental stage as they become more independent and interested in more intricate forms of play. The Punch and Drop wooden playset allows children to hammer each ball through they allotted slots, which in turn supports development.

#7. Playtime Pro

Balancing Boat — $19.99

During the later stages of a baby’s development, they’ll be more open to challenging themselves with toys that require strategizing and focus. Here’s a toy that’s sure to keep your baby preoccupied as they work on balancing every wooden animal piece onto the boat. It can be played with family, as it comes with a dice to take turns with one another, or children can have a hand at balancing all on their own for solo play! 

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