Ububba’s Must-Have Packing List for Babies and Toddlers

Heat waves and more time to spare during the summer months means there’s room to travel. Whether you and your family are headed near or far, vacations are all about leaving the stress at home, so what you pack for your babies and toddlers is an important part of ensuring that there’s plenty of fun to be had during your trips. Here are some of Ububba’s takes on packing essentials and must-haves such as baby gear, toys, and clothing for your little ones.

#1. Travel Toy Llama — $11.99

No matter the form of transportation – car, airplane, on Dad’s shoulders, or in the seat of a stroller – chances are your child is going to want something to keep them entertained. 

This llama toy is the perfect travel buddy for your little one as it features crinkle fabrics, pom-poms, teether pieces, and ribbons to keep your baby busy. All these features are beyond cute and also aim to encourage motor skill development, sensory play and cause, and effect learning. It comes with a clip as well, making it a travel-friendly go-to.

#2. First Stacking Ring — $14.99

Here’s another toy to pack along for the trip. These stacking rings allow for stacking in any direction allowing for frustration-free freeplay whilst promoting early stage STEM learning, as well as introducing color names and counting into everyday play.

#3. Kids Hawaii Collared Shirt + Short Set

Say Aloha to this adorable Hawaiian set for a classic vacation pattern that’s sure to be a hit wherever you go. It’s perfect for summertime outings as it’s lightweight letting your baby stay cool and look cool all at once.

#4. Baby Safari Jungle Set — $29.99

Here’s another comfy set with a kooky pattern perfect for some fun out in the sun with the family. This one features cute wildcat illustrations of all sorts making it a playful outfit option that’s as light and easy to pack as it is to wear.

#5. Embroidered Stroller Liner in Dinosaur — $39.99

When it’s time for family outings, strollers are no doubt a key part in making sure you and your family travel comfortably. Make your trips even more comfortable with this dinosaur-patterned stroller liner that’ll keep your little one cozy, as it’s made out of a high density 100% cotton material made to keep its shape.

#6. Bowl Set — $29.99

Perfect for snack keeping on-the-go and feeding toddlers smaller portions when dining out, these pastel-toned bowls are versatile and easy convenient dinnerware options.

#7. Angus Lion Toy — $32.00

Here’s a travel companion for your child! This lanky little lion donning a chic striped sweater is a soft plushie that your child will want to take with them wherever you guys go.

#8. Animal Alphabet Play Mat + Drawstring Bag — $39.99

Versatile items are an unsung hero that makes packing a breeze. This patterned play mat-slash-drawstring bag is the perfect example of a 2-in-1 item that takes you from hotel rooms and Airbnbs to planes, play zones, and beyond. This mat is durable, reversible (and cute on both sides), and made for movement.

In bag form, it’s just as cute! It’s large size will make it easy to take and store toys, blankets, and more.

#9. Cami Top + Bloomer Bottom Set — $42.99

It’s no secret by now that matching sets are perfect for crafting tons of outfits. This means that they’re even more perfect to pack for traveling. This babydoll silhouette and shirring detail makes this a darling option to pack and its versatility can create outfits fit for day and night for any activity the family has planned.

#10. Brilliant Bee Crayons — $12.99

Let your up and coming artist become inspired by their travels by toting along this cute box  set of vibrant colors. Each crayon is ergonomic as they’re triangle-shaped to better fit your toddler’s hands and keep the crayons from rolling off the table! Each pack comes in this slim box that’s easy to stow away in a carry-on or backpack.

#11. Gardening Set — $29.99

Bring your babies closer to nature with this handy little gardening set that comes with four gardening essentials that’ll get your children curious about nature and their outdoor environment through creative play.

#12. Punch + Drop — $39.99

Here’s a fun toy to pack along for the ride! This cute toy teaches children to understand the system of cause-and-effect all the while developing their hand-eye coordination through an entertaining play.

#13. Llama-themed Soft Baby Activity Book — $13.99

Soft books are the lightweight and easy alternative to lugging around hardcover books that can add more bulk and take up more space in your travel bags. This llama-themed book contains bright colors, crinkly materials, and engaging textures to help stimulate your child.

#14. Good Night You, Goodnight Me — $15.99

Bedtime stories don’t need to be put on hold for vacation time. Tuck your loved ones in with this easy to pack, darling soft book that features lovely tactile pages that both you and your baby will love.

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