Trending Now: Pastel Rainbow

Hot on the market is the rise of pastel rainbow – both in emblem, as well as the creamy and muted shades that make this style so aesthetically-pleasing. Take it from the pages of Goldilocks and the Three Bears: not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Keep everyday fits looking just right with eight of our picks for this trending style for babies and toddlers that are somewhere over the rainbow and right here at Ububba: 

#1. Rainbow Top and Bottom Set — $37.99

An oversized top paired with matching bloomers makes this gender-neutral set a playtime dream. Pair it with pastel ankle socks or a cute headband for an even more adorable look for your baby!

#2. Muslin Fitted Crib Sheet — $27.99

This pretty crib sheet cut from muslin cloth is perfect for baby’s sensitive skin due to its softness and breathability. This pastel rainbow pattern is versatile for any nursing room theme from boho to bright to minimal.

#3. Tencel Sleeper in Canyon Rainbow — $32.99

This Tencel Lyocell blend sleeper is an all-in-one hit. Not only does it don cute rainbow emblems all over, but the wide range of sizing offers zippers and fold-over hand and foot cuffs to keep your baby comfy all night long.

#4. Rainbow Embroidered One-Piece — $39.99

This gender-neutral outfit option will make dressing up effortless and adorable. The pastel tones make it a breeze to take a look from everyday casual to fancy outing formal with the help of shirt and some fun accessory styling thrown into the mix.

Not to mention that this adorable coverall comes in gray, as well!

#5. Pastel Rainbow Silicone Teether Set — $25.00

Here’s something cute to sink your teeth into, or at least your baby’s. This double-sided rainbow teether doubles as a cute tagalong accessory to keep in tow to soothe your baby’s gums.

#6. Rainbow Silicone Placemat — $18.99

As previously highlighted in our post dedicated to the wondrous (and delightfully messy) stages of baby food, this rainbow placemat hits the nail on the head of the rainbow trend with eccentric muted colors making for a cool table setup for your blooming baby.

#7. Beechwood + Macrame Rainbow Teether — $21.99

This teether is so pretty it doubles as decor. Not only does it take after the pastel rainbow trend, but the bohemian vibes are even more emphasized with the soft cotton macrame that it’s made out of.

#8. Rainbow Poster — $29.00

Last but not least, this rainbow poster adds an artistic flair as a standout piece in your toddler’s bedroom or play area. The epitome of pastel rainbow, this piece also features the message: “All kids are artists”, making for an inspirational piece to keep in your home for the creative and fun years to come with your growing little one!

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