How the Alpremio Nursing Seat Changes the Game

Whether mothers choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed their babies, nursing can be difficult to get a hang of for moms and babies alike. Enter: the Alpremio Nursing Seat Positioner Pillow.

Take Ububba’s word for it. As co-founder of our dear baby brand, discovering this pillow and having my own personal experience with it only made sense to sing my praises to fellow Ububba readers. We at Ububba amongst many other baby aficionados have deemed the Alpremio Nursing Seat a family household staple, and it’s all within good reason. With a design reminiscent of a cradle, this nursing seat aids in correcting the posture of both the baby as well as the carrier in order to provide structured comfort that is well-intended through its ergonomic design. This 100% organic cotton nursing pillow hailing from South Korea is a game-changer when it comes to nursing your baby.

Let’s start off with the benefits for moms. Ease and alleviation when routinely nursing babies is a must for mommies of all sorts. This nursing seat was designed with first-time moms in mind, as well as moms who have experienced long labors, instrumental deliveries, or c-sections in order to ensure that the design is as pleasant as possible. As poetically beautiful as the process of feeding and nurturing your baby can be, it can be a real pain in your butt. And your back… and your stomach… and your head… shoulders… knees… AND toes. Okay, you get the idea, it’s not as pretty as it’s painted out to be. Thank goodness this seat aids in reducing the bodily pains that nursing can cause, especially following the whole other story that is undergoing labor. This seat provides more flexibility than the typical cushion-type pillows out on the market due to its structured design. For me, I felt that the seat provided ease on my wrists, especially after giving birth, as it helped to provide more control in carrying my baby as a newborn and later on, into and throughout the transitional growth stages. Not to mention that this feeding care seat is also lightweight and portable, making it suitable for families on-the-go and for overall less hassle.

Pictured above: Highlights in how the Alpremio Nursing Seat provides comfort which differs from general breast-feeding cushions. The proof is in the positioner!

Now let’s focus on how the Alpremio Nursing Seat benefits our blooming babies by promoting relaxation and digestion through its design! Since babies are often susceptible to poor digestion and acid reflux upon being burped and set down (AKA the not-so fun surprises that sometimes end up on you), how babies are positioned when nursing can play a vital part in how these types of not-so fun surprises can be prevented. When sat at the proper angle, babies are much more comfy and ready for nursing than when being set in a curved, lying position when using an overtly cushy nursing pillow.

Not only does the Alpremio seat aid in reducing common newborn gastrointestinal issues, it also works to properly position babies that tend to flail around due to insufficient body control by keeping them in place when feeding (which is also a plus for us!). It’s also interesting to note how the seat has also become a go-to essential that is used when introducing your baby to the rest of the family. The nursing seat proved to be helpful to those visiting relatives who were not as comfortable handling babies as their maternal counterparts by dissipating any initial fear of carrying newborn babies through the help of a cradling approach.

That being said, don’t let its looks fool you, it’s as easy to use as any other nursing aid. You simply have to place your baby on your lap, position and angle the seat at breast level, and within moments you can feed your baby without the discomfort that cradling can often place on yours and your baby’s posture. The Alpremio Nursing Seat Positioner Pillow makes nursing and feeding your baby a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

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