10 Trending Toys That Double As Home Decor

Decorate your child’s room with a collection of sustainable toys that also delight the eye.

Here’s the thing: we spend all the time in the world designing the cutest nurseries for our little ones, with that perfect balance of charm and function. Fast forward a few years and the whole room is covered in tiny plastic race cars and scattered silicone dolls. It’s maddening! At Ububba, we’re all about finding products that strike that balance between trend and quality. Our selection of kids toys was curated with this in mind. Below we’ve highlighted 10 of our favorite trending toys that double down as home decor to keep your kid’s room looking forever fresh.

1. Wooden Toy Camera

It’s hard to believe, but the next generation of little ones might never see a real film camera in action. So, educate them with a piece of soon-to-be vintage nostalgia that charms as an interactive toy. Kids will love to take pretend pictures while learning what came before the camera phone.

2. Xylophone – Wooden Musical Instrument

This compact wooden instrument made from non-toxic natural beech wood is sure to inspire creativity in any kid. The high-quality instrument displays eight solid aluminum metal bars with a wooden drumstick to give off a soft and melodic musical sound.

3. Safari Puzzle – 6 Wooden Animal Pieces

Puzzle time! Your toddler will love matching their favorite animal to its wooden outline and you’ll love not having to clean up 100 puzzle pieces. The natural gradient of the wood pieces in this set varies from a soft sand to a deep chocolate brown. It’s a nice-looking toy that encourages the development of fine motor skills.

4. Dino Set – 4pc Wooden Toy

Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus oh my! Travel to the land before time with this adorable dinosaur set. Each piece is sustainably made from rubber-tree wood and painted with water-based dyes and organic color pigment. Kids young and old will appreciate a little prehistoric roleplay.

5. Kazoo – Wooden Musical Toy

Make a grand entrance with this humming kazoo made without chemicals or harsh dyes from PlanToys. The toy brand exclusively makes wooden toys in Thailand using recycled wood chips, organic dyes and no harmful chemicals. Three cheers and a kazoo buzz to that!

6. Lacing Sheep – Wooden Stacking Rings

Luxe wood in neutral color tones hide the fun and engaging rainbow of colors inside the inner belly of this lacing sheep. The gradient stimulates problem solving with five different “wooly” disks that can be laced together based on color matching.

7. Little People Big Dreams: Frida Kahlo Book

This international bestselling board book tells the story of Frida Kahlo and her famous self-portraits. Frida’s life, full of art and self expression, will inspire your child to be whoever they want to be in this world. Teach them to dream big!

 8. Wild Animals Set

Travel to the jungle with this wooden set of colored animals from PlanToy. This brand is unique in that it produces wooden toys with no chemicals and uses recycled wood to do so. Stack the set up on the bookshelf and challenge your kid to remember which country each animal hails from.

9. Llama Themed Soft Baby Activity Book

Throw this in your beach bag and rest assured that your toddler will remain entertained while you relax. The pastel pages of this embroidered book are filled with interactive simulations like crinkly sounds, a baby-safe mirror and engaging textures. It even comes with C-clips to attach to strollers and car seats.

10.  Tool Belt – Wooden Tool Set

Put your kid to work with this adorable tool belt from PlanToys, featuring a hammer, a wrench, a screwdriver and a level. Teach them about sustainable building methods with a toy that practices what it preaches! Each tool is made from recycled wood without chemicals and held together with formaldehyde-free glue.  

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