Simple Ways to Organize Kids Rooms

Whether you’re on your way to becoming Marie Kondo’s protégée or a proud owner of the rosy-cheeked version of a Tasmanian devil, organization is a household essential to keep the family, especially you as a parent, from falling into chaotic disorder. That’s why we’ve compiled some simple ways to organize your little one’s spaces:

Keep it kid-friendly. Make use of what’s already in your kid’s room, by making a display of their stuff. Visibly storing things like books, clothes, and toys will make it easier for children to recognize the placement of each item instead of keeping them stored away in boxes and out-of-reach storages keeping them from the familiarity of what they have.

Play & Go Storage Bag $39.99
Doubling as a playmat, Play & Go Storage Bags do double the work in comparison to typical storage options by providing the comfort and ease of washable cotton blend fabric that’ll keep both children and parents happy. There are a bunch of bright and cheerful double-sided pattern options available to choose from.

Aykasa Mini Crate $12.99
This foldable plastic crate by Aykasa is made out of food safe materials, which allows the worry of keeping things such as pacifiers, teethers, etc. out of reach. Just like the Play & Go Storage Bags, there are many pretty color options to choose from, making it easy to keep an ongoing aesthetically-pleasing color scheme, too!

No more monsters under the bed…

Make use of the space under the
bed, with hideaway containers specifically catered to fit the space underneath. Out of sight, out of mind, with no room for monsters to intrude. Plus, it’s easier access for kids to reach whenever they need something.

Aykasa Midi Crate $16.99
The larger version of the Aykasa crate is perfect for maximizing underbed storage.

… Or in the closet.

The same thing goes. Keep monsters out of the closet by creating a clean and comfortable space! Closets have the ability to store and organize much more than werecognize. Additional clothing racks and shelves can create an organized space that can fit more than just clothing and

Make it re-purposeful.

Use organizational systems that can be reused as your child grows, or to be later utilized in other parts of the home. Countless character and hobby phases will make the longevity of a Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol-themed piece of furniture diminish over time.

Instead, try your hand at simple shelving units, baskets, etc. that can be useful over time as they can grow with the family.

Malolotte Embroidered Quilted Baskets $20.99 (Small) $25.99 (Large)
As pretty as they are functional, these storage baskets from Korean brand Malolotte double as room decor with its various cute designs. The soft fabric makes it easy to make the most out of any room space, as well as mend to your little ones’ everyday needs.

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