Ububba’s Give-Back Mission with Children’s Hunger Fund

When you shop with Ububba, you are making an impact to end childhood hunger through our partnership with Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF)

While scouring the globe for the best kids’ goods, Ububba founders Julius Son and Esther Chang realized they wanted to commit to fortifying a future for all children, everywhere. As a baby and childrens’ business, Ububba stands behind the notion that no child should ever go without basic needs. Childhood hunger is a pressing problem that plagues not only those living in third world countries, but those living below the poverty line in developed countries as well. In the US alone, 3.1 million children age five and below die of hunger and malnutrition every year. We at Ububba are committed to doing our part in the effort to end the childhood hunger epidemic. We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) and that a portion of all Ububba sales will be donated to the non-profit, which provides meals to children in need. With this, we envision a future where no child goes to bed hungry.

To us, starting a new business goes hand in hand with wanting to make a difference. When you shop with Ububba, you are directly impacting the lives of underserved youth. In addition to our donations, Ububba commits to a brighter future through our ethical production standards, where we vet the manufacturing methods for every product listed on our marketplace. We guarantee fair wages paid to makers, sustainable manufacturing processes and a safe working environment for all brands that we partner with. We recognize that big change can’t happen without big commitment, and we are so proud to make our mark with each Ububba purchase made by you.

Children’s Hunger Fund has a long history in the fight against food insecurity. The organization has delivered life-saving food and aid to over 300 million children. Food Paks are distributed to pastors and volunteers around the world, who spread “help and hope” to those suffering within their direct communities. The foundation also provides medicine and vitamins, clothing, bedding, diapers, and other desperately needed aid. CHF values relationships, especially the relationship between the local church and the community. CHF equips those who are able to serve to connect with those who are in need of service and the love of Christ. 

Just like we’re here to support you through your parenthood journey, we’re here to support children of the world, everywhere. Our mission doesn’t stop with our marketplace of affordable, trendy kids’ clothing. Now more than ever, underserved populations face health and life risks due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  In Korean, Ububba (ub-ub-ba) means to piggyback, to carry, and to support. We promise to hold ourselves to that standard in every way possible, starting with our effort to make each purchase double down on the hope for a brighter future.

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