The K-Wave Leads Kids’ Trends in K-Baby and Beyond

K-Culture always aims to elevate, and per usual, the new K-Baby wave is catching on far beyond Korea

In South Korea, 110,000+ visitors line up for a three-day event at Korea’s largest convention and exhibit hall for the annual baby fair held at Coex, in southern Seoul. Savvy Korean parents await to purchase modern products for their children – provoking companies to introduce the most design and trend forward products for the discerning Korean consumer. Interest remains high for Nordic designs and brands that stress safety and cleanliness. Scandanavian fever has been heating up the Korean market and paving a way for high quality, design forward products at affordable price points. The industry listens and delivers top-notch, high-design kids’ goods quickly, at sharp price points. This is just one gesture nodding to the unwavering high standard that K-Culture always aims to achieve, and per usual, this next set of the K-Wave is crashing far beyond Korea.

We watched K-Beauty take over the U.S. not long after K-Pop came dancing in to sweep American music fans off their feet. Not to mention K-Foods and K-Dramas. K-Culture leads to elevate and has continuously held the unwavering attention of global consumers in one space or another since the early 90’s. An obsession with detail and quality over everything are basic standards rooted in anything that comes out of Korea. The country may be small, but its impact on global trends is not something to ignore.

Ububba founders Esther Chang and Julius Son found relief in leading with these values when they started to shop for their very first baby-to-be. They were on the lookout for affordable and quality goods with elevated designs, elements of sustainability and equitable production– all basic standards of the K-Baby world. Born out of a desire to carry these standards into an online marketplace full of vendors from around the globe, Ububba leads the way in kids’ trends. The curated selection of high-quality, high-design goods at sharp price points enables shoppers to discover great and interesting products with ease. 

When Korean parents carry their baby on their back, they refer to this as “ububba,”.  So whether you’re a seasoned mommy, a first-time mama, or just curious about modern parenting, you will never be alone in our flock. We’re here to carry you through all the latest advice and trends, leading with an eye to elevate and a sounding board to share our thoughts. So let’s carry on together, ahead of the flock in everything that comes along with raising a little one.

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